People's Power floor leader Kwon Seong-dong said, "The Democratic Party will truly reflect, repent, and change its attitude only when (we) come to local power this time."

In a congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony of the election office for Seoul Mayor Candidate Oh Se-hoon today (14th), floor leader Kwon said, "(The Democratic Party) is holding me back every day, so I, as the floor leader, can't sleep well these days. Do you get the Prime Minister's approval or what do you do, 168 seats? I hold it and push it,” he said.

Floor Leader Kwon, who served as the co-chair of the election campaign committee, emphasized, "This time, we, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, must bring back local power."

“In April of last year, our party was so strong that it was hard to breathe,” said Kwon, the floor leader. Oh Se-hoon," he exclaimed.

People's Power Representative Lee Jun-seok, who also attended today's event, said about the April 7 re-election last year, "It opened up a lot of space for the young generation to participate the most, and in that election, where the young generation sometimes took the initiative, we are bigger than any other election. We won an overwhelming victory by a vote," he said. "We can achieve very good results just as we did last year."

(Photo = Yonhap News)