The church area in the village was filled with visitors of all ages, who longed to gather around activities again.

Pastor Gunilla Aquilon Elmqvist says that it felt natural to invite to a festival in connection with the parish offering drop-in baptisms.

- Baptism is joy and celebration.

It will be a point hunt here today in the sign of baptism with water games, she says.

"A little more easy"

The new parents Jane and Benny Jonasson from Mörrum were attracted by the concept and took the opportunity to name their son Milo.

- A simple form of a baptism, it was a perfect opportunity, says dad Benny.

It was a long-awaited baptism for Milo's parents, as they have been waiting a long time for the stork to come with him.

- Now we just want to celebrate and be in a bubble where we enjoy parenthood, says Jane Jonasson.

Little Milo was baptized at the drop-in in Asarum's church during Saturday's baptism festival.

See Milo's baptism and Asarum's baptism festival in the clip