The G7 = seven major foreign ministers' meeting held in Germany ended on the 14th, confirming that the G7 will work together to increase pressure on Russia, which continues its military invasion of Ukraine. I made a statement.

The G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting, which had been held in Germany since the 12th, held discussions over three days on the nuclear and missile development of China and North Korea, which are strengthening the advance into the ocean, including the response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and on the 14th. It has closed.

A statement released after the closing said that it called on Russia to stop the military invasion immediately, continued military assistance to Ukraine, and confirmed that the G7 would work together to increase pressure on Russia. ..

It also accuses Russia of restricting Ukrainian agricultural exports and threatening global food security and calls for an immediate end to attacks on major infrastructure, including Ukrainian ports. ..

With China in mind as it strengthens its marine expansion, he expressed deep concern about the situation in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, and reiterated his strong opposition to unilateral actions that would increase tensions.

He called on China not to support Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine and called on it to keep pace with Western nations.

In addition, it has strongly condemned the launch of ballistic missiles over North Korea and urged the complete, verifiable and irreversible destruction of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile development plans.