Aurelien Fleurot 09:00, May 14, 2022

According to the latest monthly barometer from Avere-France and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, 60,040 charging stations for electric vehicles are installed in France.

For a year, the increase is 55%, with advances even where there were blockages and delays such as motorway service areas and condominiums. 

There were to be 100,000 by the end of 2021. This forecast was perhaps a little too ambitious.

Nevertheless, 60,040 charging points for electric vehicles are already installed in France.

This means 6,300 additional points since the start of the year.

The momentum is there and even if there are still black spots, this deployment of charging stations supports sales of electric cars and makes it possible to maintain a level of 105 charging points for 1,000 electric vehicles. 


Electric cars: where are we with the 100,000 charging stations announced?

While some condominiums are sometimes reluctant to respond to requests from motorists wishing to switch to electric, the effects of the strengthening of the right to plug are beginning to be felt.

Jérôme Princet, the general manager of Bornes Solutions, notes a 300% increase in requests in 2022!

He notes a clear evolution in recent months: "In 2021, we had requests but many people were in a phase of information, of reflection".

From now on, the hearths decide more quickly to be equipped. 

200 million additional euros

100% electric represented, for example, 13.5% of new car sales in March 2022, now almost at the same level as diesel.

According to Jérôme Princet, installing a collective charging infrastructure is becoming almost as natural as installing optical fiber in condominiums: "We have made projects, with the right to plug, on which demand enters, validation and commissioning, it took 3 or 4 weeks, in the case where in the condominium the work was simple".


Charging stations that come our way

Installing a collective infrastructure makes it possible to harmonize use and payment and therefore reduce the time of work.

And to continue this deployment, both in motorway service areas and on public roads, the Advenir program, led by Avere-France, has been allocated an additional 200 million euros to achieve the objective of 65,000 terminals. more by 2025. 

Among the novelties, the program provides for the creation of a new section of actions for the deployment of charging infrastructures in companies in the automotive service sector: technical inspections, garages, spare parts sellers.

Targeted actors may also be supported or trained.