Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, who has been in office for a good five months, is now also party leader of the conservative ÖVP.

At an extraordinary federal party conference on Saturday, 100 percent of the delegates voted for him.

The forty-nine year old accepted the election.

The ÖVP has governed at federal level since the beginning of 2020 in an alliance with the Greens.

Nehammer's predecessor Sebastian Kurz (35) resigned as Chancellor and ÖVP chairman in October 2021 after investigations into suspected corruption began.

Since then, Nehammer has held the party chairmanship on an interim basis.

Sebastian Kurz has now completely withdrawn from politics and works for the American investor and billionaire Peter Thiel, who is close to former President Donald Trump.

Nehammer was also in the international headlines recently because of his surprise visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting went without a concrete result.

With the unanimous election as party leader, Nehammer surpassed the result of Kurz, who received 99.4 percent of the delegate votes when he was re-elected as ÖVP chairman last year.