For several years, nature management programs around Sweden have seen a steady increase in the number of applicants.

Last year, the nature management program was the vocational program that increased the most compared with the year before.

- The basis is probably an interest in animals and machines, but I also think that the climate issue affects young people a lot, says Lotta Persson, deputy principal.

At the high school of natural sciences in Rättvik, there are three specializations, of which agriculture is the most popular.

About 50 have so far applied for that specialization - twice as many as what you can take in.

- To make half disappointed is very sad and boring.

But with a high search pressure, we can maintain a high quality.

"Are there jobs to look for"

One of those who is already on the agricultural line is Filippa Svedjeland, who is optimistic about the future after her education.

- I have no experience of agriculture before but thought it seemed fun and now I see that there are a lot of jobs to apply for.