On the 11th local time, the Palestinian Presidency issued a statement expressing its strong condemnation of the death of Al Jazeera journalist Shirin Abu Aqleh caused by the Israeli military action.

President Mahmoud Abbas said in a statement that the Israeli government should take full responsibility for the heinous crimes committed in this incident.

Abbas also expressed deep condolences for Shireen's death.

  Qatar Al Jazeera also issued a brief statement through its social media account, strongly condemning the Israeli military action, expressing condolences for Shirin's death, and promising to prosecute and hold the attackers accountable according to law.

At the same time, Al Jazeera calls on the international community to jointly condemn and hold the Israeli side responsible for the incident.

  Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid said through his social media account that Israel has proposed to the Palestinian side to conduct a joint pathological investigation into Shireen's death.

Lapid said journalists must be protected in conflict zones and that all have a responsibility to know the truth.

But he also said that Israeli security forces will continue to operate where necessary to prevent terrorist attacks against Israelis.

(Headquarters reporter Zhao Bing)