Former President Moon Jae-in, who has been in office for five years, is on his way home today (10th).

Former President Moon, who attended the inauguration of President Yoon Seok-yeol at the National Assembly this morning, and his wife Kim Jeong-sook arrived at Seoul Station just after 12 noon in an official vehicle.

Before President Moon arrived, an estimated 1,000 supporters gathered at Seoul Station to say goodbye.

They held hand signs with phrases such as 'I love you, Moon Jae-in' and chanted the name of former President Moon Jae-in.

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At Seoul Station, former Blue House aides such as Im Jong-seok and Yoo Young-min, former chief of staff of the President, Lee Cheol-hee and Kang Ki-jeong, former chiefs of political affairs, Yun Young-chan, Yun Do-han, and former senior public communication officers Park Su-hyeon, gathered in large numbers prior to the arrival of President Moon.

Members of the Democratic Party of Korea, including Kim Tae-nyeon, Hong Young-pyo, Jin Seong-jun, Park Ju-min, Yoon Kun-young, and Choi Kang-wook, also gathered at Seoul Station.

On the other side of the gathering of supporters, anti-Moonlight groups held a rally and shouted 'Moon Jae-in to prison'.

Upon the arrival of former President Moon and his wife, Shin Ji-yeon, former first assistant secretary of the Blue House and former second assistant secretary Choi Sang-young, welcomed them.

Supporters cheered even more, and former President Moon responded by waving his hand.

"As I promised when I became president, I will return to the countryside where we were originally," said former President Moon Jae-in.

Then, he said, "I'm free," and with a smile, "If I don't watch the news, where is it?" and the supporters cheered even more.

Former President Moon wrapped his arms around Kim's shoulder and said, "I'll live a good life," and then he moved into Seoul's history.

Former President Moon greeted by shaking hands with supporters who were waiting even in history.

The KTX, which carried former President Moon, former Blue House aides, and Democratic Party lawmakers, left Seoul Station around 12:20 noon.

(Photo = Yonhap News)