The number of new cars sold by Japanese automakers in China, the world's largest automobile market, has dropped by more than 30% from the same month last year due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. I was depressed.

Last month's new car sales in China announced by each manufacturer were

▽ Toyota Motor was about 111,000 units, a decrease of 30.7% from the same month last year

▽ Honda was about 95,000 units, 36.3%

▽ Nissan Motor was about At 69,000 units, it decreased by 46%, and both decreased significantly.

Due to the spread of the new corona infection, strict restrictions on going out were imposed in various places including major cities such as Shanghai, which delayed the supply of parts and affected production at some factories where employees could not come to work. Is because it came out.

Of these, Toyota was forced to suspend operations at its factory in Changchun, Jilin Province, in the northeastern part of Japan for more than a month and a half from March 14.

In addition, each manufacturer was also affected by sales, such as the dealers becoming unable to operate.

The number of new cars sold in the Chinese market as a whole, announced on the 11th, is expected to decrease by nearly 50% last month, which has hit Japanese manufacturers whose sales pillar is the Chinese market.