A 25-year-old French student, knocked down this Saturday by a taxi in Buenos Aires, succumbed to her injuries the next day.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the driver of the vehicle would have suffered a stroke and a heart attack.

Two other French women were injured in this accident and were still hospitalized on Sunday, including one in intensive care for a broken pelvis.

A taxi out of control

The deceased young woman, Lwana Bichet, had been in the Argentine capital for three months, like the other two French women, as part of a university exchange from the private University of San Andrés, according to local authorities.

The student, who suffered from severe head trauma, died on the operating table, Fernandez Hospital director Ignacio Previgliano said.

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Quién era Lwana Bichet, la estudiante francesa que murió en Palermo tras ser atropellada por un taxista que sufrió un ACVhttps://t.co/OJInDqCSKs

— Telenueve (@telenueveC9) May 9, 2022

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After overturning the French women who were crossing an avenue, and two other people who are unharmed, the taxi, out of control, hit two cars.

When help arrived, the taxi driver "had lost consciousness", said Alberto Crescenti, director of medical emergencies in Buenos Aires (SAME).

"We don't know if he had a heart attack first and then a stroke or if the stroke happened before, it's a combination of pathologies," he said.

The taxi driver is hospitalized “under mechanical respiratory assistance with a reserved prognosis”, he added.


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