China News Service, May 8. According to a Japanese TV station report, on the morning of the 8th local time, a US soldier stationed in Japan was driving on the national highway in Chatan, Okinawa, Japan, when he drove his car on the sidewalk and hit a walking man. male.

The man was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

  According to the report, on the morning of the 8th local time, a 20-year-old US soldier stationed in Japan belonging to the US military base Futenma drove a private car and collided with a 61-year-old man walking on the sidewalk.

After the accident, the U.S. military police have detained the soldiers involved.

  At present, the Okinawa Prefectural Police is conducting a detailed investigation into the matter.

  For a long time, U.S. troops stationed in Okinawa have frequently committed crimes, military plane crashes, falling objects and noise disturbances, which have caused the Okinawan people to be unbearable.

At the beginning of 2022, Japan's new crown epidemic rebounded rapidly. Japanese Foreign Minister Lin Fangzheng said that the collective infection of the US military stationed in Japan was one of the important reasons for the deterioration of Japan's new crown epidemic at that time.