- The new Afghan government led by the Taliban allowed the former head of the reconciliation committee, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, after 8 months of the movement's accession to power in mid-August last year, while a committee formed by the government continues to contact politicians abroad with the aim of returning them to their homeland. country.

Abdullah, a former foreign minister and presidential candidate, wrote on his official Twitter account that he is leaving the country for a short period to spend Eid with his family who have been living in India for years.

Afghan government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed Abdullah Abdullah Kabul's departure.

Abdullah Abdullah and former Afghan President Hamid Karzai preferred to stay in Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the capital, Kabul, in August of last year.

Zabihullah Mujahid: We have prepared a list of politicians abroad in preparation for communicating with them (Al-Jazeera)

confidence booster

"Mr. Abdullah's departure came in coordination with the new Afghan government," Fereydoun Khozon, a spokesman for Abdullah Abdullah, told Al Jazeera Net. He considered that allowing former officials to leave the country and return enhances the confidence of the international community in the current government, and if the Taliban maintains opening this door, a large number of people will think The former officials return to the country, and the government can benefit from their experiences in dealing with the international community, noting that the former head of the reconciliation committee will return to his country at the end of this month.

And former Afghan President Hamid Karzai recently confirmed to a number of Afghan media that he and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah were not allowed to leave the capital, Kabul.

Although former Afghan President Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah were placed under house arrest, they regularly met members of civil society and some foreign politicians and representatives who visited the capital, Kabul.

A source in the office of the former Afghan president told Al-Jazeera Net, "President Karzai opposes opening a military front against the Taliban government, and she is aware of this, but she is afraid of establishing a political opposition led by Karzai or Abdullah Abdullah, so she does not allow them to leave Kabul and prefers that they be under the movement's eyes." .

But it seems that the visit of former Afghan Senate President Fazl Hadi Muslamyar last month to the Emirates and his return encouraged the Islamic Emirate to allow Abdullah to leave Afghanistan and join his family.

A source in Karzai's office: Karzai opposes opening a military front against the Taliban government (Anatolia)

Acknowledgment of the fact

Fadel Hadi Muslamyar told Al Jazeera Net, "This is our country, where do we go? We accept the Taliban government on the basis of the fait accompli and no one wants to open a new military front against the new Afghan government, but it must accept the political opposition inside Afghanistan. When I left the country for personal matters, many advised me not to return again." But I returned because I do not find respect and appreciation outside the country, and anyone who wants to return must obtain individual guarantees, because the mechanism of return until now is ambiguous.”

Most of the former officials left Afghanistan for Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, the UAE and the United States, and the new Afghan government formed a committee called the "Return and Liaison Committee", comprising the head of intelligence and the ministers of information, mines, Hajj, endowments and foreign affairs, to communicate with Afghan politicians who left Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power in mid-August Last August, in order to gain their trust so that they could return to Afghanistan.

Afghan government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Al Jazeera Net, "Work is underway to develop a mechanism to communicate with the Afghan (politicians) who left Afghanistan. We have prepared a long list of names, and as soon as the mechanism is established, we will announce the names to which the invitation has been sent, and that the appointment of a committee at the level of ministers It shows the importance of it."

Experts in the Afghan affairs say that not imposing travel restrictions on politicians and former government figures may lead to more confidence and internal legitimacy of the Islamic Emirate, and according to international relations expert Tariq Farhadi to Al Jazeera Net, "lifting restrictions and allowing former politicians and government figures to leave the country is very good because It may lead to a much-needed national reconciliation."

Most of the former politicians in Afghanistan oppose the opening of military fronts against the rule of the Taliban, but they demand the movement to form an inclusive government that represents all spectrums of the Afghan people in it and is not limited to the Taliban only. The former to Afghanistan and living under the rule of the Taliban does not solve the matter, it must provide comprehensive solutions at the level of Afghanistan, and that the return of one or two people will not affect the political scene and that many need certain guarantees, and this we have not seen so far.