China News Service, May 7. On May 7, the Ministry of Public Security held an online press conference.

According to Li Bei, spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Security, over the past three years, public security organs across the country have carried out a normalized campaign against gangsters and evils, destroying 2,285 gang-related organizations and 8,683 evil groups, and consolidating the results of the special struggle.

  Li Bei said that over the past three years, the public security organs across the country have always been loyal to their missions and tasks, and have further improved their ability to perform their duties.


  Public security organs across the country resolutely safeguard political security.

Adhere to the prevention of political and security risks in the first place, strictly prevent and resist "color revolutions", severely crack down on infiltration, subversion, disruptive and sabotage activities by hostile forces at home and abroad, and resolutely safeguard the security of national power, system, and ideology.

Fully implement the Party's strategy for governing Xinjiang and Tibet in the new era, step up efforts to combat terrorism and separatism, continue to deepen the special campaign to crack down on violence and terrorism, and ensure the continued stability of the overall social situation across the country.

Carry out in-depth education and transformation of cult-related personnel, insist on correctly distinguishing and handling two types of conflicts of different natures, and strive to achieve an organic unity of political, legal, and social effects.

  Make every effort to maintain social stability.

Public security organs across the country have further promoted the construction of a three-dimensional and information-based social security prevention and control system, and continuously improved social security control in a dynamic environment.

The construction of "110 alarm service" was strengthened. The 110 alarm service desks across the country handled 340 million cases of various types of police cases, handled 33,684,000 cases of illegal and criminal cases in a timely manner, and 85,726,000 cases of people asking for help. Police dispatched 720 million person-times.

Continue to deepen the national security prevention and control system construction "demonstration city" activities, and actively promote the establishment of 256,000 smart security communities focusing on communities, schools and hospitals.

The construction of "Nursing School Safe Garden" and "Safe Hospital" has been carried out in depth, and a total of 525,000 hidden safety hazards on campus have been investigated and rectified, and the number of medical-related criminal cases has decreased year by year.

Carry out in-depth investigation and investigation of conflicts and disputes and risk resolution work, and strive to fight the tough battle to prevent and resolve major risks.

  Adhere to and develop the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era, insist on grasping the early and small, and implement systematic governance, legal governance, comprehensive governance, and source governance measures, and effectively resolve all kinds of conflicts and disputes at the grassroots level, local, and budding state.

Firmly establish the concept of safe development, strengthen public safety risk management, deepen the investigation and rectification of potential safety risks, and strictly prevent the occurrence of major road traffic accidents and public security disasters involving mass deaths and injuries.

With the highest standards, strictest requirements, and the most thorough measures, we have successfully completed the security work for a series of major events such as the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, creating a new security model for major events under the conditions of normalized epidemic prevention and control.

  Strongly safeguard the peace of the people.

Focus on prominent public security issues that are strongly reflected by the people, and innovate and improve mechanisms for combating crimes.

We deepened the special rectification of financial risks, and investigated and dealt with a large number of illegal financial activities suspected of economic crimes according to law.

Public security organs across the country cracked 240,000 economic crime cases and recovered 190.5 billion yuan in economic losses; successively organized special campaigns against illegal fund-raising crimes, and handled more than 300 P2P online loan platform cases in accordance with the law; Actions were carried out to carry out centralized crackdowns on illegal fund channels and professional criminal gangs that endanger economic security, and destroyed 2,825 cross-regional criminal gangs.

Strictly cracked down on securities illegal and criminal activities in accordance with the law, investigated and dealt with a number of securities crime cases with significant social impact, and effectively maintained the order of the securities market.

  Jointly launch special campaigns with taxation, customs, the People's Bank of China and other departments to severely crack down on the crime of false tax fraud.

Continue to carry out the "Kunlun" operation, severely crack down on various types of food and drug environment, intellectual property rights, vaccine-related, and wildlife-related crimes in accordance with the law, make every effort to safeguard the lives, health and safety of the people, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and consumers.

The campaign against gangsters and evil has been carried out on a regular basis, and 2,285 gang-related organizations and 8,683 evil groups have been destroyed, and the results of the special struggle have been effectively consolidated.

  Organized a campaign against clusters of telecom and network fraud crimes, promoted the implementation of comprehensive management measures, and cracked 964,000 telecom and network fraud cases.

For three consecutive years, the company has organized a special campaign of "cleaning the Internet", focusing on online crimes and online chaos, effectively ensuring the healthy development of the digital economy, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the people. A total of 193,000 cases have been investigated and handled, and the Data Security Law, Personal Information Protection Law, a total of 22,000 cases of infringing citizens’ personal information were investigated and handled; it focused on cracking down on cross-border gambling illegal and criminal activities. From January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022, public security organs across the country jointly investigated and handled cross-border gambling and illegal activities. There were 42,000 related criminal cases, 6,066 online gambling platforms, 4,698 illegal payment platforms and underground banks, 2,497 illegal technical service teams, and 3,627 gambling promotion platforms were destroyed.

  The People's War on Drugs was carried out in depth, vigorously implemented the strategy of "cleaning the source and cutting off the flow", and organized special operations such as "cleaning the border", "removing ice and eliminating drugs", and "pulling nails to chase and flee", cracked a total of 201,000 drug crime cases and captured "nails". 331 drug lord fugitives.

Severely cracked down on the rectification of "yellow gambling" illegal crimes. A total of 1.188 million "yellow gambling" public security cases were investigated and dealt with, and 117,000 "yellow gambling" criminal cases were cracked.