China News Service, May 6th. The State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference on May 6. Liang Wannian, the expert group leader of the National Health Commission's Epidemic Response and Disposal Leading Group, said at the meeting that more than two years of prevention and control practices have been It has been proved that community prevention and control can effectively block the spread of the epidemic and achieve "dynamic clearing" as soon as possible.

  Liang Wannian said that the general policy of our country's prevention and control is "dynamic clearing." Unlike some other countries, the community is our frontier of prevention and control, our first line of defense, and some countries' first line of defense The line of defense is in health care facilities.

The community is our frontier and the most basic unit for the implementation of various prevention and control measures.

It can be said that if community prevention and control is not done well, the epidemic cannot be brought under control.

Just like if the faucet cannot be turned off, there will be a steady stream of water flowing out, so community prevention and control is very important.

  On the other hand, when an epidemic broke out in our country, in the entire region, in addition to distinguishing the relevant high, medium and low risk areas, the prevention and control measures and strategies are mainly divided and graded management, and the community is the basic unit. Form a closed control area, a control area and a prevention area, and implement different prevention and control measures and strategies.

The implementation of these measures is mainly completed by the community.

  The third aspect is that epidemic prevention and control is a systematic project and a people's war.

The governance system, organizational coordination ability, and management level of the community, including some specific prevention and control practices, are all key factors that determine the effectiveness of prevention and control.

Due to the vast territory of my country, the differences between urban and rural areas are relatively large, and the conditions and capabilities of communities are also relatively different. Community prevention and control in some places is often a local weakness and weakness.

Therefore, it must be paid attention to.

  Regarding how to do a good job in community prevention and control, Liang Wannian pointed out that, first of all, the strategic goals of community prevention and control should be further clarified.

The first is to ensure that various prevention and control measures are carefully implemented and implemented.

The second is to ensure the normal life of community residents during the epidemic prevention and control period.

The third is to widely mobilize the masses, actively participate in the prevention and control work, and do a good job in relevant communication and policies, including publicity and education of health knowledge.

  The second aspect is to further consolidate the organizational system and network for community prevention and control.

The first is to implement the responsibilities of the Quartet.

In a community, the four-party responsibilities of the government, society, units and individuals must be effectively implemented.

The second is to give full play to the roles of neighborhood committees, villagers committees, public health committees, and volunteer organizations.

The third is to organize cadres to effectively sink into the community, and implement divisional contracts.

The fourth is to give full play to the role of medical staff in township health centers, community service centers, village clinics, and community health service stations in the community.

  The third aspect is to further improve community prevention and control capabilities.

The first is to make a plan, to deal with emergency plans under different epidemic situations and different prevention and control states, and to strengthen training and drills.

The second is to carry out relevant supervision and assessment, and extensively carry out the work of creating "epidemic-free communities".

The third is to consolidate the responsibilities of enterprises and institutions in the community, and deploy prevention and control measures in advance. Especially when there are clustered epidemics and local outbreaks, the early prevention and control layout of enterprises and institutions is very important.

Fourth, pay more attention to key groups of people, key areas, and key units, especially the elderly, and places and institutions with dense crowds.

  Fourth, we must do a good job in community management and control. The main force is still the front-line staff in the community. We must further care for them, take more pragmatic, caring and warm-hearted measures, and ensure the work and life of front-line staff. Reasonably allocate human resources, arrange work shifts reasonably, and strengthen the reserve of reserve forces to solve the worries of front-line personnel and provide their strong backing.