It was a fairly classic Thursday night party in Rennes.

Except perhaps near the Vieux Saint-Etienne theater, where several dozen people gathered until late at night.

Called by residents who complained about the noise, the police intervened to evacuate around 200 people gathered near the old church, which this week serves as the headquarters of the Les Embellies festival.

The police blame the participants for the nocturnal noise and the use of a sound system which disturbed the neighborhood.

When they arrived, the police were said to have been insulted, being thrown projectiles.

They used tear gas to disperse the participants.

A hundred of them took the path to Place des Lices on foot, not without lighting a few fires in garbage cans on rue de Dinan, before heading to Place Sainte-Anne.

No injuries or arrests

There, they again encountered the police, who threw a few tear gas canisters to make them retreat.

Police said no one was injured and no arrests were made.

Calm had returned before 1 a.m.

A few tags were discovered on the facade of the Vieux Saint-Etienne theater and on a wall of the congress center located in the Jacobins convent.

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