• Since March 2021, Fabien Buonavia has been offering guided tours of the capital on the theme of the hit series “Emily in Paris”.

  • From the Latin Quarter to the Royal Palace, it retraces the emblematic places of the series.

  • "The idea for this tour came to me while watching the series," he says.

    I noticed that you could easily walk to all the places Emily goes.


“In reality, everything was shot in the studio: there is nothing to see inside.

“ Fabien Buonavia, guide of the “Emily in Paris Tour”, stands in front of a Haussmannian building located on Place de l'Estrapade, very close to the Pantheon, where the heroine embodied by Lily Collins lives.

Training guide, he began by practicing in the south of the country, in Marseilles then in Cassis.

In March 2021, he created his own circuit which traces the emblematic places of the Netflix series, whose plot is located in Paris.

“The idea for this tour came to me while watching the series, explains the young man now Parisian.

I noticed that you could easily walk to all the places where Emily goes”.

In a well-crafted route, from the Panthéon to the Palais-Royal, passing by the Place de la Contrescarpe, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district and the Pont des Arts, it shows Paris in a different way.

Visit Paris differently

“We already have a guided tour of the city but this one teaches us new things, insists Alissa, a Dutch tourist.

It is rather complementary.

Fabien Buonavia wants his “Emily in Paris Tour” to be an opportunity to learn about the history and architecture of Paris.

“I try to bring something, he explains.

If they just want to see the show locations, they don't need me.

They can go to Google.


His visit still satisfies the biggest fans of the series, often foreign tourists who idealize the capital.

The group begins with a stop at the Modern Bakery, near the Pantheon, where Emily eats her first croissant.

"Here, I always take them something to eat," says the guide.

The lucky ones have the opportunity to see the actors in the middle of filming.

“I monitor the Instagram stories of the actors, explains Fabien Buonavia.

When they film, I try to locate where they are to take visitors there.


The impact of

Emily in Paris

in the capital

If you want to settle in the beautiful neighborhoods of the capital and live an “Emily-like” life, “you will have to pay a large sum”, warns Fabien Buonavia.

Living like in the series also means a lot of walking.

"Of course, Emily never takes the subway," he scoffs.

It is an American series.

Aware that the Parisian life depicted in the series is far from reality, he takes pleasure in highlighting certain clichés.

These visits “are mainly aimed at a foreign public, who are used to travelling”, he specifies.

The guide recognizes the "undeniable economic impact" for businesses that appear in the series.

“And then, for me!

“, he adds.

Through Airbnb experience, it offers two to three visits per week, for 30 euros per person.

Even if he keeps a job on the side to live, he hopes to be able to continue to develop his activity.

This looks to be a good omen.

“This summer, there will be the filming of season 3,” he rejoices.


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