Corona deniers will probably not be impressed by these figures on pandemic-related excess mortality either.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now impressively documented that Corona has so far led to significantly more deaths worldwide than even severe flu outbreaks.

After that, almost 15 million people lost their lives due to the pandemic.

They either died directly from their infection with Covid-19 or because they suffered from other diseases or injuries that could not be treated because of the overload of health systems.

Because data from a number of countries were missing or incomplete, the WHO was only able to present an estimate of the number of deaths.

However, this is based on well-founded calculation models.

It is also consistent with other studies on Covid-19 and mortality.

As China shows, where the omicron variant is spreading despite draconian measures, the pandemic is not over.

And in this country, too, the Corona calm is deceptive, despite the rapidly falling official number of infections.

Where there is hardly any testing and reporting, the statistics suggest a complete all-clear.

This could be over again in the cooler autumn, thinks not only the STIKO boss.

Because the vaccination gap, especially in the group of older people who are particularly at risk, is still far too large.

And there is no trace of a new vaccination campaign.