Russia, which invaded Ukraine, is known to be selling toys modeled after weapons used in war on the market.

Toys in the shape of military trucks are displayed on the shelves.

It is a hypermarket in Moscow, Russia.

It is said that toys made identical to tanks used by the Russian military, fuel tanks, and missile launchers are sold for between 10,000 won and 15,000 won in Korean money.

All toys are accompanied by the letter 'Z' symbolizing support for the invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Russia stated that the Z means 'for victory', and after the invasion of Russia, a number of Russian tanks and tanks with the letter Z were found in Ukraine.

As the letter Z takes on a meaning of support for the Russian military and the invasion of Ukraine, voices around the world are calling for refraining from using the symbol.

Already in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, the use of the letter Z as a mark has been banned by law.