The World Health Organization presented a wonderful news about Corona, with two warnings and a denial of an allegation being circulated, so what did it say?

And what did the latest study reveal about the Bavarian Nordic vaccine and the Omicron mutant?

We start with the great news, as the World Health Organization reports that globally, reported cases of COVID-19 and deaths from the virus continue to decline, with weekly deaths recorded at their lowest levels since March 2020, according to a report published by the United Nations website. .

The first warning .. Corona is not seasonal

With this good news, the World Health Organization has called for caution.

At the press conference from Geneva yesterday, Wednesday, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization, said that there is an increase in cases reported in the Americas and Africa due to the sub-mutants of Omicron.

Scientists from South Africa have reported two other subvariables, BA.4 and BA.5, as a reason for the high incidence of cases in South Africa.

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Tedros "It is too early to know whether these new subvariants cause more severe disease than other Omicron subvariants, but early data suggest that vaccination remains protective against severe disease and death."

The second warning is playing with fire and a moral failure

Tedros expressed concern that highly effective antivirals are still not available to people in low- and middle-income countries.

Low availability and high prices in some countries have disqualified the purchase of these life-saving treatments.

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Tedros said the COVID Tools Access Accelerator partners are participating in price negotiations to lower prices and make medicines better.

"Besides the low investment in early diagnosis, it is simply unacceptable that in the worst pandemic in a century, innovative treatments that could save lives are not reaching those who need them," he said.

Tedros described it as playing with fire.

"We are playing with fire that still burns us, and at the same time, manufacturers are making huge profits. The World Health Organization supports fair reward for innovation. But we cannot accept prices that make life-saving treatments available to the rich and out of the reach of the poor. This is a moral failure."


For his part, Dr. Mike Ryan, head of the emergency program at the World Health Organization, denied the hypothesis that the Corona virus is a seasonal disease associated with the winter season, stressing that the matter depends on the level of vaccination, the place where people are, and the emergence of variables.

"Viruses appear in humans in a strange way in terms of how they are transmitted and the epidemiological curves that cause them. But over time, it settles into a certain pattern," he said.

Vaccination is the best way to protect people

Dr. confirmed.

Tedros said that the best way to protect people is by vaccination, along with following tried and tested public and social health measures, noting that this is another sign that "the pandemic is not over with us yet."

He stressed that vaccinating at least 70 percent of each country's population - including 100 percent of the most vulnerable groups - is the best way to save lives, protect health systems and reduce cases of the protracted COVID-19.

Vaccine offers remarkable ability against the omicron mutant

Denmark's Bavarian Nordic said in a statement that its booster candidate anti-Covid-19 showed a "remarkable" ability to raise antibodies against the OMICRON mutant in a phase II clinical trial.

The German news agency quoted Bloomberg News Agency as saying that the Bavarian Nordic data was taken from people who had previously been vaccinated with mRNA or adenoviral vaccines.

The company said that the booster dose carried a twofold increase in the same range that was previously reported for the original Wuhan SARS-Cove 2 mutant.

The company says, "While the concentration of neutralizing antibodies against Omicron is the lowest when compared to all other previously announced mutant Wuhan Alpha, Alpha, Beta and Delta, the concentration score was enhanced to levels associated with a high level of protection across the two groups" received Dosing.