It was at the end of January this year that the 40-year-old man was suspected of causing an explosion in an apartment at Skiljebo in Västerås.

According to prosecutor Norström's theory, the man tried to manufacture a bomb and was injured while handling the explosives.

In March this year, the man is suspected of four new explosions, this after the police received technical material from mobile phones.

- There are explosions outdoors in different places, said Carl-Johan Norström, at the arrest in March.


Now, almost two months later, the suspected bomber is remanded in custody.

The man is now suspected of the explosion in the apartment and another eight explosions around Västerås.

- For the eight further explosions, there is a co-suspect who has been involved in all eight explosions, says Carl-Johan Norström.

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A person has been arrested on suspicion of public destruction after an explosion in an apartment building in Västerås.

Photo: SVT