Regarding the controversy over Rep. Choi Kang-wook's 'sexual harassment remarks', Park Ji-hyeon, chairman of the Democratic Party's joint emergency countermeasures committee, said, "With this incident, we need to realize why the Democratic Party has been isolated from common sense, why it failed to take power again, and why it has moved away from the hearts of the people." pointed out.

Chairman Park Ji-hyeon said on his SNS today (5th), "Rep. Choi Kang-wook apologized for his remarks."

Rep. Choi said last night (the 4th) on the Democratic Party's website and his SNS, "Even if it wasn't meant to be, I apologize to the party's aides who suffered psychologically because of my remarks."

Chairman Park said, "I will accept this apology as an acknowledgment that it is true that Rep. Choi made inappropriate remarks that caused sexual discomfort, rather than misunderstood or misunderstood by the aides."

He continued, "The female aides were severely insulted and offended by the remarks of Rep. Choi, and they were subjected to secondary abuse, such as having a problem with the leaker or having to find a whistleblower." I sincerely apologize to everyone,” he bowed his head.

Chairman Park said, "We must not forget for a moment the painful fact that the heads of three regional organizations surrendered the government after five years due to sexual offenses."

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Chairman Park also made a point of 'second perpetrators' within the party that have emerged after this controversy.

Earlier, when Chairman Park ordered an investigation into Rep. Choi's 'sexual harassment remarks', criticism from Kang-seong supporters poured in.

Chairman Park pointed out, "Before I even checked the facts, they criticized me saying that there was no way.

In addition, he pointed out, "Looking at the criticisms pouring at me, I was able to guess the pain of the previous victims. If I don't throw away the culture of covering up wrongdoing as someone I know, I won't be able to come to power even after 5 years."

On the 28th of last month, at an online meeting of Democratic lawmakers and aides belonging to the National Assembly Legislative and Judiciary Committee, allegations were raised that Rep. Choi made remarks referring to sexual acts to fellow member A.

As the controversy grew through media reports, Rep. Choi replied, "It is a light joke, but the purpose is distorted."

In a statement yesterday, the Democratic Party's female aides said, "Rep. Choi is responding with a pun to cover up serious sexual harassment and misconduct."

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)