On May 4, local time, the closing ceremony and award ceremony of the 2022 "Friendship Cup" International Music Competition was held in Moscow.

The competition was jointly organized by the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, the Eurasian People's International Union of Russia, the Youth and Children's Creativity Support Center, the "Motherland" Cultural Palace in Moscow, and the Sino-Russian Cultural Media.

  In the congratulatory letter, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui expressed his congratulations on the complete success of the competition, and extended his sincere greetings to the contestants from China, Russia and Eurasian countries.

He said that both China and Russia are countries with profound historical and cultural heritage, and have broad space and great potential in the field of art education cooperation. He hoped that young musicians of the two countries could take the "Friendship Cup" International Music Competition as an opportunity to seek creative inspiration , strengthen exchanges and interactions, and contribute to the development of the music industry in the two countries.

  Members of the Russian State Duma Smolin, Musatov, Karjinov, Tutova and others sent congratulatory letters respectively to express their sincere thanks to the organizers and contestants, and said that this event is to strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries. , made a great contribution to the establishment of youth friendship.

They expressed their belief that this international event will help to further develop Russia-China relations and strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the two peoples in the fields of education, music and art.

  The closing ceremony kicked off with an opening dance prepared by Russian teenagers, and contestants from China, Russia and Eurasian countries presented wonderful performances.

The melodious sound of "Liuyang River" fluttered in the concert hall of Moscow. "Night in the Suburbs of Moscow" immersed the audience, and the graceful and agile ballet posture, as well as the grand ensemble brought by the violin master, brought the atmosphere of the closing ceremony to a climax. .

  At the end of the closing ceremony, the list of winners of the competition was announced. The winners from China, Russia and Eurasian countries came to the stage to accept the awards.

(Yue Ziyan made by Tian Bing)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]