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Plans with mobile included: an iPhone 8 offered with the 100 GB plan

Cdiscount Mobile has also provided solutions for its plans with a 24-month commitment.

During the French Days, you can even receive a free iPhone.

By subscribing to the operator's 100 GB plan, three solutions will be available to you:

  • For €17.99/month, your package will bring you a free iPhone 8 and 12 GB of data that can be used abroad.

  • For €29.99/month, you can enjoy an iPhone 11 at €19.99 and 23 GB of mobile data usable in the EU and DROMs.

  • For €24.99/month, you will have access to an iPhone XR at only €9.99 and 17 GB of mobile data that can be used abroad.

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No-commitment plans: up to 100 GB with lifetime prices

At Cdiscount Mobile, non-binding mobile plans keep their prices forever.

No surprise: by subscribing now, you will always pay the same rate.

Until May 9, a solution rich in mobile data is available to you:

  • The 60 GB package at only €6.99/month.

    It includes 8 GB of data usable abroad;

This plan allows you to surf the Internet daily without risking overspending.

The operator's 5G package, with its 130 GB of data, remains at €24.99/month.

It brings you 17 GB of data usable in the EU and the DROMs.

For very small users, the 200 MB package, fully usable abroad, continues at €2/month.

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Cdiscount Mobile advantages

In addition to these low prices, Cdiscount Mobile guarantees a host of additional advantages.

By relying on the Bouygues Telecom network, it guarantees a high quality of service.

The change of operator will be very simple: you will keep your telephone number and will receive your SIM card within 48 hours after validation of your file.

Take advantage of Cdiscount mobile benefits

Don't wait to subscribe: you only have a few days to take advantage of Cdiscount Mobile's French Days.

With packages whose prices are valid for life, you have the opportunity to realize solid savings on your telephone bill.

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Purchase guide

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