China News Service, Taipei, May 3. Taiwan's Chinese Economic Research Institute announced on the 3rd that Taiwan's manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) in April was 56.3%, and the non-manufacturing purchasing managers' index (NMI) was 55.1%. The indicators fell in sync.

Relevant experts believe that the economic situation in the next six months will be impacted.

  According to reports from Taiwan media such as Central News Agency, Business Times, and China Times News, Taiwan's PMI continued to drop by 1.5 percentage points to 56.3% in April.

Zhang Chuanzhang, president of the Chinese Academy of Economics, pointed out that factors such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the epidemic situation, and high inflation rates in Europe and the United States have had an inhibitory effect on people's livelihood consumption. The atmosphere of Taiwan's manufacturing industry in April was significantly different from last year.

  He pointed out that the PMI index did not drop significantly, but manufacturers' views on the economic climate in the next six months were greatly affected. The index fell sharply by 8 percentage points to 52.9%, the slowest expansion rate since August last year.

  The NMI, which reflects the domestic demand market, continued to fall by 0.7 percentage points to 55.1% in April.

Looking at the economic outlook index for the next six months from a number of major industries such as accommodation and catering, the overall decline was 10.2 percentage points to 45.7%, and it turned to contraction after nine consecutive months of expansion.

Among them, the accommodation and catering industry and the real estate industry fell by 49.5 percentage points and 17 percentage points respectively.

  Lai Shuxin, executive director of the Purchasing and Supply Research Center of the Taiwan Chinese Purchasing and Supply Management Association, said that according to the experience since May last year, the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on people's livelihood and consumption will be very large. The eight industries covered by NMI account for 45% of Taiwan's economy. The main source of this year's economic growth momentum, the epidemic has turned domestic demanders' outlook for the next six months to "cautious" and "conservative."

  The PMI and NMI indices range from 0% to 100%, with an index above 50% representing expansion and below 50% representing contraction.