Haikou uses Haohuo teaching materials to create a clean government classroom

Be alert to those around you

  News from this newspaper (Correspondent Chen Yu and Ren Liusong) The case of Feng Honghao, former deputy mayor of Haikou Municipal People's Government, Hainan Province, has been publicly heard recently in the Provincial Second Intermediate People's Court.

What is different from the past is that there are a number of special "audience" in the gallery.

Led by Yang Huichun, member of the Standing Committee of the Haikou Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Director of the Supervisory Committee, a team of 63 observers composed of 7 deputy mayors and 11 "top leaders" of Feng Honghao's former units or units attended the trial.

  In the dock, Feng Honghao repented deeply, and deeply reflected on how he was swallowed by greed in the "hunting" step by step because of his lax family style, from the "top leader" to the whole process of being imprisoned.

In the gallery, everyone looked solemn and lost in thought.

  In recent years, the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has focused on the characteristics of "same class and same class", made good use of typical case "living teaching materials", and continuously improved the fit of warning education. The "former colleagues" and "former subordinates" of the company attended the court hearing, and continuously improved the quality and effectiveness of warning education by telling the people around them about the things around them.

  "Seeing that my former familiar colleagues failed to withstand the temptation of financial interests, crossed the bottom line of discipline and law, and finally stood in the dock to accept the court trial, this is more shocking than any warning education in the past. I will take the case as the Jian, always tighten the string of integrity and self-discipline, and always be aware of reverence, guard against fear, and keep the bottom line." A leading cadre who participated in the audit said with deep emotion.

  In order to eliminate the adverse effects caused by Feng Honghao during his tenure in office and in charge of the garden and sanitation system of Haikou City, the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has integrated inspection feedback issues in response to a series of corruption cases in the system, and coordinated the work force of the "inspection office + office group" to work together. Study and formulate targeted work plans, analyze 9 major problems from five aspects such as political ecology and cadre style, put forward 15 specific work suggestions, and urge leading cadres at all levels of the city's garden and sanitation systems to strengthen bottom-line thinking and restore and purify the political ecology.

  "Our unit will strictly implement the regulations prohibiting leading cadres from interfering in the field of engineering construction in violation of regulations, and resolutely stop the unruly trend of meddling in project contracting; formulate a system for separating project bidding and evaluation work, and eliminate the soil for profit realization in the bidding and bidding process; comprehensively investigate the city's gardens and The integrity risk point of sanitation system engineering, vigorously rectify the phenomenon of using relatives and friends to act as 'stage puppets' to collect and hold shares on behalf of others, and to be 'shadow shareholders', so that the political ecology in the field of engineering construction is clearer, and the relationship between government and business is more intimate." City Garden and Sanitation The main person in charge of the bureau said at the system-wide warning education conference.

  Next, the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision will focus on the construction of the free trade port, continue to deepen the supervision and discipline work in the "three areas" of land use, project bidding, and land and space planning, and focus on key links, key positions, and key minority. The "top leaders" discipline education and "integrity and internal help" family style education special class carried out, through the leadership of the party committee's special lectures, visiting the warning education tour exhibition, watching warning education films and "family-style" clean government talks, urging the city's "top leaders" and their families Tighten the string of integrity and self-discipline at all times, and cultivate the values ​​of integrity and integrity.