Two individuals aged 24 and 29 will be the subject of an immediate appearance on Wednesday in Dijon (Côte-d'Or).

They are accused of assaulting two controllers, a man and a woman, on a city tram on Saturday morning.

The victims had been punched and slapped after asking two passengers to wear a mask.

The two suspects had been described as alcoholic, specifies

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Meeting violence

The two young men were arrested over the weekend and taken into custody.

One of them is in a state of legal recidivism.

They partially acknowledged the acts of violence aggravated by three circumstances (in a meeting, in public transport and on public service mission agents) for which they are accused.

One of the suspects claimed not to have wanted to attack the two controllers but to have simply intervened between them and his comrade.

The victims had been hospitalized and had been prescribed several days of temporary interruption of work (ITT).

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