• On Saturday, a police officer was attacked in the street by a 30-year-old as he left a restaurant with his family.

  • The individual broke a glass bottle on his head and beat him, discovering his professional quality.

  • His police custody was extended on Sunday, in particular for "violence with a weapon against a person holding public authority".

He would have acknowledged the violence during his hearing at the police station but also insulted another police officer.

The police custody of the man suspected of having assaulted a police officer who was not on duty in Bordeaux on Saturday, under the eyes of his family, has been extended, we learned from the prosecution on Sunday.

The qualifications of contempt and threat of violence against a person holding public authority were added to his initial indictment for "violence with a weapon against a person holding public authority", according to the prosecution.

The man, born in 1990, has "old convictions", mainly for traffic offenses and insults.

A broken glass bottle on the policeman's head

According to a police source, the plainclothes official was leaving a restaurant with his wife and their two daughters early Saturday afternoon when the alleged attacker thought they were making fun of him and got angry.

To calm the situation, the official took out his police card.

The man then "saw red", "beat him on the ground" and "broke a glass bottle on his head".

For the prosecution, "it seems clear" that the professional quality of police presented by the victim played a role in the violence suffered.

A member of the Departmental Intervention Company, this 49-year-old man suffered from multiple bruises, the consequences of kicks and punches received, particularly in the jaw, and a wound on the scalp, following the throwing of a bottle and which required nine stitches.

He received a seven-day ITT, according to a police source.

The alleged attacker arrested in Lormont

The alleged attacker had fled after the attack and was arrested two hours later in Lormont, in the suburbs of Bordeaux.

Several witnesses were heard, including the police officer's spouse and their 10 and 12-year-old daughters, as well as a person injured by a shard of glass in the ankle while trying to intervene during the assault and who filed a complaint on Sunday. .

In a press release, the Alliance police union, of which the victim is a member according to a union representative, said he was waiting for "a judgment in line with this barbaric attack".


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