There are symbols that should not be compromised.

At Schwäbisch Hall in Germany, we do not want beer to suffer the consequences of inflation and the Ukrainian conflict.

The City Council therefore took an important decision on Wednesday.

The liter of beer sold in the town should not exceed four euros, reports the SWR channel relayed by Capital.

This motion was brought to the attention of municipal councilors by one of them: Tillmann Finger.

According to him, “it is simply very important to promote the advertising culture undermined by the anti-Covid measures (…) as far as possible”.

Hence the idea of ​​capping the price of beer.

Concretely, if a consumer orders a pint of beer (50 cl) exceeding two euros, it will be up to the town of Schwäbisch Hall to make up the difference.

Revitalize downtown

To finance this measure, the municipality will draw on the fund for the revitalization of the city center.

This motion was not unanimously accepted.

Thus, the city's mayor, Daniel Bullinger, and eight city councilors spoke out against it.

The city councilor wonders if this is the right way to develop trade in his city.

“In principle, it is welcome that the City Council also develops its own ideas to support trade and gastronomy,” the elected official told SWR.

For his part, Tillmann Finger is not fundamentally surprised that councilors were able to vote against.

“Of course there are always dissenting voices, but overall I felt strongly that beer would bring people together and therefore I firmly believed that this motion would pass,” he commented.

The measure is not yet applied.

You have to check its legality.

The municipal administration now has the task of confirming that the city can grant a subsidy for alcoholic beverages.


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