Carry out supervision and inspection of agricultural and sideline products to ensure stable supply and stable prices

Protect the public vegetable basket

  On April 30, Ning Jiaqi, the cadre of the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Team of the Suzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, got up early. After meeting with the law enforcement officers of the market supervision department, they went to the farmers market on Jiangzhou Road, Gusu District. It is the first stop for them to carry out special supervision on the prices of agricultural and sideline products during the "May 1st" period.

  At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic is at a critical period, and ensuring supply and stable prices is to protect people's livelihood.

"During the holidays, the supply of agricultural and sideline products is stable, and the people's hearts have a bottom line. Previously, some people reported that the price of vegetables in the Jiangzhou Road Farmers Market has risen slightly. Let's go and see what the situation is." According to the feedback received by the dispatched discipline inspection and supervision team, Ning Jia Qi discussed the focus of on-site supervision and inspection with law enforcement officers.

  In the early morning, the Jiangzhou Road Farmers Market was bustling. Citizens who came to buy vegetables consciously wore masks, quickly bought, quickly selected, and quickly entered and quickly exited. There was sufficient supply of vegetables, fruits, meat and other stalls, and the entire vegetable market was busy and orderly.

"Is this a local broad bean? How much is a pound? How about the price of amaranth and garlic sprouts compared to previous years?" As the beginning of summer is approaching, Suzhou people have the habit of tasting three fresh foods. Ning Jiaqi asked the stall owner carefully, while picking up a book one by one Record the prices of hot-selling seasonal dishes, and compare the prices of related dishes with the same period last year at a glance.

  "During the holidays during the epidemic, everyone is concerned about whether the price of vegetables will rise. We must take turns visiting the farmers' markets every day to ensure full coverage of inspections and no dead ends." Ning Jiaqi urged market supervision and law enforcement officers to do a good job of rice, noodles, grain and oil. Price supervision of important livelihood commodities such as meat, eggs, vegetables, milk, etc., find out the price base, monitor price changes, strictly investigate illegal acts such as hoarding and price gouging, and ensure a good market price order during the festival.

  Since the current round of the epidemic, the Suzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has actively contacted the 12315 Complaint and Reporting Center, followed up on issues such as prices during the epidemic to reflect the disposal situation, supervised and promoted verification and handling, and protected the legitimate rights and interests of the masses.

Since March, a total of 135 complaints and reports on the price of agricultural and sideline products have been followed up and handled, and relevant departments have been urged to carry out key law enforcement inspections on more than 80 operators with more complaints and reports.

  When Ning Jiaqi checked the records of the 12315 Complaint and Reporting Center that day, she noticed a piece of information that reflected the price increase of agricultural and sideline products in a large supermarket.

After contacting the law enforcement officers of the functional departments, they immediately went to the supermarket to verify the situation. After inquiring in detail about the prices of major commodities in recent days, they found that the prices of relevant commodities were kept within a reasonable range.

  To promote the work of ensuring supply and stabilizing prices, in addition to the performance of regulatory responsibilities by functional departments, it is also very important to guide market players to exert their subjective initiative.

Driven by the recommendations of the dispatched discipline inspection and supervision team, local market supervision and other departments continued to strengthen administrative guidance, and at the same time issued proposals to major supermarkets, wholesale markets and e-commerce platforms, advocating to actively organize sources of goods to meet people's living needs, and effectively strengthen prices. Self-discipline in behavior and jointly create a stable and orderly market environment.

  With the gradual improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the logistics and transportation of the main agricultural wholesale markets in Suzhou are gradually smooth, the supply of goods meets the market demand, the price is basically stable, and the people's "vegetable baskets" and "rice bags" are also stable.

"Guaranteeing supply and stabilizing prices is a systematic project. We will continue to pay attention to the demands of the masses, and based on our responsibilities, we will urge functional departments such as commerce, market supervision, and transportation to earnestly fulfill their supervisory responsibilities, so as to provide services for epidemic prevention and control, as well as maintaining social and economic stability. Strong supervision and guarantee." said the relevant person in charge of the Suzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision.

  Our reporter Yang Wenjia correspondent Sun Shan