• The legislative elections will take place on June 12 and 19.

  • Since his departure from Matignon, in July 2020, Edouard Philippe no longer hides his presidential ambitions.

  • But the wishes of the former Prime Minister, especially for the legislative elections, annoy Emmanuel Macron and certain walkers.

It's the "at the same time" with Edouard Philippe sauce: supporting Emmanuel Macron without denying any of his personal ambitions for 2027. The former Prime Minister, who launched his own Horizons party last October, intends to weigh in the future presidential majority to prepare for the future.

But the wishes of the mayor of Le Havre and his supporters annoy the President of the Republic and the walkers a few weeks before the legislative elections scheduled for June 12 and 19.

"On a personal level, between Macron and Philippe, it's complicated"

Since his departure from Matignon, in July 2020, Edouard Philippe has been playing his personal destiny in small steps.

In an interview with Challenges at the end of September, the former head of government had pleaded for a postponement of retirement until the age of 67 and "sounded the alarm" on the French public debt.

These hollow criticisms of the end of the five-year term had gone very badly at the highest peak in the state.

During the presidential campaign, the differences between Emmanuel Macron and his former lieutenant were muted.

A kind of

gentlemen's agreement

which was also illustrated in the interval between the two towers with a visit all in bowing of the president-candidate in Le Havre, in the stronghold of the Juppeist. 

But the tensions between the two men redoubled as soon as the ballot ended.

“On a personal level, between the two, it's complicated.

And between their entourages, it's even more complicated, ”breathes a executive from La République en Marche.

Tensions are now focused on the legislative elections.

Edouard Philippe nipped in the bud the great "single party", hoped for by Emmanuel Macron, in order to better preserve his new baby.

"Philippe wants to create a war machine to avoid the Juppé syndrome, which without a party behind him, has never succeeded in winning the presidential election", adds the elected LREM.

This first passes through the June ballot, for which the mayor of Le Havre hopes to carve out a lion's share.

Because to obtain public funding, the movement must present at least fifty candidates, who must obtain more than 1% of the votes each.

"Many do not want to see Edouard Philippe too quickly, too loudly"

But the ambitious Philippe would also aim for a group of 30 to 40 deputies in the next Assembly.

Which would not be to the taste of the Elysée.

"He owes me everything and he thinks we're equal?"

He smoked the vapors of the port of Le Havre?

“, would have mocked, in private, the head of state, according to remarks almost too big to be true reported by Europe 1. “Many do not want to see Edouard Philippe too quickly, too loudly”, notes an LREM deputy.

The walkers do not want a too powerful Horizons group in the National Assembly.

Because the big maneuvers for the future presidential 2027 could quickly interfere with the second term of Emmanuel Macron.

So, among the walkers, we try to underestimate the weight of the favorite politician of the French.

"Philippe, how many divisions are there?"

The president was elected on his own, he did all the work.

He didn't need a boost, as was the case in 2017 with Bayrou.

I also notice that in the campaign, the rallying of Eric Woerth made more noise than the exits of Edouard Philippe…”, squeaks a heavyweight of the majority.

The poaching of right-wing elected officials by Emmanuel Macron during the campaign, and those to come, also minimizes the role and influence of Edouard Philippe and his friends in the future majority.

Some walkers deplore the "clearing spirit" of Philippe's relatives

The interested party pushed a rant, this Tuesday at the political office of his movement, after being snubbed by Emmanuel Macron and his relatives during a meeting on the legislative elections.

"I'm never bound by a deal that I haven't made," he said, according to several participants.

The following day, he discreetly met with the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand, very close to the President, to discuss an agreement on the upcoming elections.

But the tension remains palpable in the majority.

Some deputies are already deploring the “clearing spirit” of Horizons, and are calling on their new allies to find a place for themselves in the Assembly.

“Obviously, there is a consistency that Philippe participates in the future majority.

But it has to be a contribution, a plus.

There are circos to look for.

This is what we did in 2017, ”insists Erwan Balanant, Modem MP for Finistère.

“Some colleagues are worried, because they understood that there were negotiations on their backs.

Gold Ferrand had been very clear on Horizons: "the 230 constituencies which are not held by the presidential majority, this is where you will eat" ”, adds Anne Genetet, LREM deputy for Asia-Oceania-Eastern Europe.

“We need to enlarge the majority, not change the label within the existing majority.

We do not change a baptismal name, ”adds the spokesperson for the group.

“The presidential majority must be as large as possible,

we will be partners.

Negotiations with Horizon, this is not my fight, ”sweeps his side Olivier Becht, the president of the group Act in the Assembly (the right wing of the majority).

A framework of La République en Marche prefers to put current tensions into perspective.

“We are in negotiations for the legislative elections, it is normal.

But once the pawns are placed on the chessboard, Edouard Philippe will not rot Macron for five years.

There would be no point”.

On the contrary, it seems to be going well. 


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