• Courts The rapist of Igualada took the coat, dress and underwear of the minor after assaulting her

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could take time to step on the street.

Due to his lack of roots in Spain due to his irregular situation, the possibility of escaping to Bolivia and the possibility of

repeating a crime

, since a police report warned of the "high danger and probability of committing a crime again", the Investigating Court Number 4 of Igualada made the decision to enter provisional prison due to the high sentence he faces.

Specifically, the judge considers that the brutal attack on the 16-year-old minor who left the

Épic nightclub

in Igualada at dawn on November 1 last corresponds to a crime of sexual assault that could mean "12 to 15 years in prison taking into account the particularly degrading or vexatious nature of the violence inflicted on the victim".

In this sense, the court order details how the accused allegedly followed the victim through the area near the nightclub, as shown

by numerous surveillance cameras

, and how he approached her "surprisingly" to attack her, in addition to removing the clothes she was wearing. before leaving her unconscious in a field.

The court considers that the assault with an iron bar on the minor, which left her unconscious, could be an attempted murder that the Penal Code punishes with a sentence ranging from 20 to 30 years when it is subsequent to "a crime against sexual liberty that the perpetrator had committed on the victim", as in this violation.

If the minor had not been assisted quickly after being abandoned unconscious after the attack, she would have died, the judge details.

At the moment, the accused is still in provisional prison for this crime, although it is not the first time he has set foot in a prison.

He was interned for a sexual assault on his 7-year-old sister for almost a year after a decision by a juvenile court in Girona, which caused his mother to expel him from home and he had to go to live in the center of Equalizer.

The Mossos d'Esquadra arrested him there two weeks ago and in searching his home for hours they found evidence that would underpin his alleged participation in this brutal rape, such as traces of the victim's DNA on a jacket or the clothes he wore the night of the attack. aggression and with which it is seen in the images captured by surveillance cameras of various companies.

the circle closes

For months, the Mossos d'Esquadra tightened their grip on the suspect, since identifying him was the objective of the so-called

'Nit case'.

The key element was the identification of the accused along with

11 other people

in an altercation in an area near the nightclub a while before the rape and that ended with damage to a vehicle.

The owner of the car reported this damage and the agents verified that one of the participants appeared in the other cameras analyzed in the polygon

with the same clothes following the victim

of sexual assault, although he covered his head with a hood.

Before they had not been able to identify him but the altercation with other people allowed them to find a thread to pull.

Once they were able to determine that the suspect who participated in the altercation with the vehicle was the same one who had already been seen following the victim, the Mossos studied the eleven members of the group, which, after "

meticulous and complex" work,

allowed identify him and discover his address.

The agents collected images from 155 security cameras in the area closest to the events and its periphery, to track people and vehicles during the time the aggression occurred.

After identifying him, they finished looking for more evidence against him, such as the geolocation of his mobile phone, before proceeding to arrest and search his home, where they found more evidence such as

the victim's DNA


The Mossos also searched the home of the former partner of the detainee for clothes that the aggressor took from the victim, since in the images in which he was seen returning to the center of Igualada after the rape he was wearing

a jacket hanging from his arm

that could be of the minor, although he also stole her dress and underwear.

wide device

More than 100 agents participated in a complex investigation that lasted more than five months and in which they started almost blindly since the victim could not provide

any details about her aggressor


The serious injuries that she suffered from her forced her to spend more than a month in the hospital and have left her with important consequences.

The police also reconstructed the route she took for the minor on several occasions, both during the day and at dawn, and searched for suspects with similar records in the area.

In the search of the house, the agents of the scientific police used different state-of-the-art tools to detect traces of blood or traces of organic fluids on the suspect's clothing, in addition to computer programs that improve the images captured in security cameras or "

forensic extraction software"

that allows content to be extracted from the mobile phone for analysis, always with a court order.

Since the investigation began, two agents from the

Central Unit for Sexual Assaults

(Ucas) have been in charge of accompanying the victim and her family, advising her, and helping her in her recovery.

During the planning of the arrest device of the alleged perpetrator, the two agents were with the victim from the first hour informing her of what was happening.

This monitoring will continue until the trial is held.

That will be the next step in the Justice response to this brutal aggression.

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