Author: Tian Chenxu, commentator of Xinhua Daily Telegraph

  Key supply guarantee companies have launched a 24-hour uninterrupted stocking mechanism; some supermarket stores have extended their business hours to achieve natural store closures; established a whitelist mechanism for delivery brothers to help fresh food e-commerce companies solve distribution personnel under the overall requirements of epidemic prevention and control The problem of pop-up windows... In order to solve the problem of material supply guarantee caused by the epidemic, the relevant departments in Beijing have actively played a "combination punch", made every effort to ensure the supply of daily necessities, and tried their best to unblock the "artery" of material supply guarantee.

  Food is food to safety first.

Under the influence of the epidemic, people "have something to eat" and "eat with confidence" have become issues of high concern to the society.

Beijing uses bottom-line thinking "combination boxing" to unblock the "arteries" of material security and supply, enlightening how to ensure people's livelihood "without losing temperature" during the war epidemic, making "dynamic clearing" more confident, and making "people first" fully demonstrated.

  First of all, we must consolidate the foundation of "getting something to send".

While mobilizing administrative resources, we should actively guide market forces, coordinate local and non-local living materials, increase the stocking volume of relevant markets and supermarkets, and prepare for long-term responses.

At the same time, it is necessary to strictly control food safety, ensure the quantity and quality of materials, and resolutely prevent counterfeit and shoddy materials from entering the market by taking the opportunity to protect the lives, health and safety of the people.

  Secondly, it is necessary to break through the obstruction of logistics links to ensure that living materials are "delivered".

"Residents can't get out" and "materials can't get in" are important reasons for the difficulty in distribution.

Relevant departments should actively build a smooth logistics system and open up logistics channels between production places, markets, supermarkets, and communities.

Under the premise of meeting the general requirements for epidemic prevention and control, a whitelist mechanism will be established for delivery drivers, courier boys, and takeaway boys, so that the "red blood cells" in the "arteries" can fully play a role in ensuring supply.

On April 26, at the gate of a residential area (prevention and control area) on Guangheli West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, a courier was arranging goods for delivery.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Ziyang

  It is worth noting that a few people hype material anxiety, create panic, and drive up prices.

In this regard, while doing a good job in material security, the relevant departments should severely crack down on behaviors that disrupt the market, guide the public to shop rationally, reserve rationally, and maintain market order.

In addition, relevant institutions should also actively respond to social concerns, soothe public sentiment, and avoid "dramatic fluctuations" in the market price of materials.

  At present, many places in my country are still facing a complex and severe epidemic situation, which puts forward higher requirements for people's livelihood protection.

Only by firmly establishing bottom-line thinking, preparing for the "extreme", building an efficient supply guarantee system, and improving the ability to guarantee supply of materials, can they be used at critical moments, so that there is no "worry" in the war against the epidemic, and an early victory in the battle against epidemic prevention and control can be won. .