Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Thibault Nadal 06:22, April 29, 2022

After the historic defeat of the Republicans and Valérie Pécresse in the first round of the presidential election, the party is trying to reorganize for the legislative elections.

Several right-wing barons have been called in this way, such as Christian Jacob who has been named leader.

The names of the LR candidates will be known this Saturday.

The battle promises to be fierce in all political families for the legislative elections.

On the right, after the heavy defeat of Valérie Pécresse in the presidential election, the time has come for remobilization.

For this, Christian Jacob was appointed leader and several barons of the right were mobilized to save as many deputies as possible.

Right-wing candidates known on Saturday

In a group meeting at the Assembly, Olivier Marleix notably pleaded for Laurent Wauquiez or Xavier Bertrand to lead the campaign around Christian Jacob.

Other tenors should also be there: David Lisnard, Bruno Retailleau or Rachida Dati.

Each in their region and alongside the different candidates.


Legislative: how the young guard LR wants to take power of the party

The legislative candidates will be presented next Saturday, on the occasion of the national campaign launch council.

The party hopes to keep the most seats without excluding good surprises in the constituencies to be conquered.

Insist on local anchoring

While waiting to know the names of the candidates, the party is getting organized and intends to campaign by relying on a popular local figure rather than on the LR label, which is out of popularity.

In Normandy, for example, the candidates of the right and the center will appear alongside the regional president Hervé Morin.

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Finally, for the project, the Republicans should rely on three fundamentals: purchasing power, health and safety, emphasizing local realities.