Noa Moussa, edited by Thibault Nadal 06:21, April 29, 2022

INSEE publishes this Friday the new inflation figures for the month of April.

After petrol, gas and electricity, it is the retail market that is affected by the rise in prices.

Several everyday products will see their prices soar, such as flour, which will increase by 7%.

"Everything has increased, prices have soared so much that we can no longer manage it".

Adelaide, 50, used to shop every week but now only does it every 15 days since her basic necessities have increased.

"Whether it's household or food products, toilet paper, kitchen paper, everything has increased," she adds.

This is a study by Insee, published Friday, which shows that after gasoline, gas and electricity, the retail market is also affected by rising prices.

The flour will increase by 7%

Claire makes the same observation as Adelaide.

She liked to shop at shops near her home, but now she no longer hesitates to push the door of hard discount stores.

This young mother made this choice “to pay attention to household expenses”.

"Flour, it marked me. Butter, milk, finally all these products what", she remarks.

Indeed, flour has increased by 7% in one year according to the Iri Institute, which specializes in data analysis.

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A rise that is not about to stop

According to Emily Mayer, FMCG specialist at the Iri Institute, prices should continue to rise until this summer.

"The inflation we see today is the result of all the disruptions that were generated by the pandemic and then the climatic hazards that were numerous last year. This is what we read there, in March, in April, in supermarkets. The impact of Ukraine, we estimate that we will see it rather at the beginning of the summer, "she explains.

Emily Mayer adds that it will take at least the beginning of 2023 to see this inflation calm down.