They are recognizable by their large tires to which they owe their name.

“Fatbikes”, these big-wheeled mountain bikes often powered by electric motors, are now prohibited on all beaches in the town of Lège-Cap-Ferret, on the Bassin d'Arcachon, in Gironde.

A decision rendered Thursday by the administrative court of Bordeaux which canceled the decree of the mayor of the town framing the practice of these bicycles on its beaches.

This decision follows a request from the Environmental Coordination of the Arcachon Basin, which asked that this practice be prohibited everywhere and all year round, and not simply regulated over certain periods and in certain areas, as was the case until here.

According to France 3 Aquitaine, in its judgment, the court indicates that these bicycles must be considered as motor vehicles, which "cause serious environmental damage to the sector concerned, by causing disturbances to the fauna and nuisance to the flora".

He also deplores that the decree was taken “without the public, nor the associations approved for the defense of the environment being consulted”.


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