Following the decision to transport relief supplies by SDF aircraft to neighboring countries that are accepting refugees from Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense will depart as early as next month 1 and put blankets etc. at the stopover. I will load it and carry it to Poland.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, the government decided at a cabinet meeting on the 28th that it plans to transport relief supplies by SDF aircraft to Poland and Romania, which are accepting refugees, as a humanitarian international relief activity based on the so-called PKO Cooperation Law. bottom.

In response to this, the Ministry of Defense held an executive meeting, and Minister of Defense Kishi said, "With the determination to deliver everyday life to the people of Ukraine who were displaced and affected by the disaster without getting a rest, on a mission. I look forward to your efforts, "he ordered the Self-Defense Forces to carry out the activities.

As the first flight, the Ministry of Defense will depart one C2 transport aircraft of the Air Self-Defense Force from Japan as early as next month, and stockpile it in the warehouse of an international organization at the transit point UAE = Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am planning to load the goods that have been sold and transport them to Poland.

It will be transported about once a week until the end of June, and will carry blankets, vinyl sheets, "solar lanterns" that can be charged with sunlight, as well as supplies such as pots, forks, and knives.