China News Agency, Beijing, April 28 (Reporter Zhang Su) The Supreme People's Court of China released 10 typical criminal, administrative and civil cases involving drug safety on the 28th. "Black Workshop" privately prepares traditional Chinese medicine.

  According to statistics, from 2013 to 2021, courts across China concluded more than 27,000 first-instance criminal cases for the crime of producing, selling, and supplying counterfeit medicines, the crime of producing, selling, and supplying inferior medicines, and the crime of obstructing drug administration, and more than 36,000 people were sentenced. .

  The court has also convicted and punished a large number of drug safety-related crimes with related crimes such as the crime of producing and selling fake and shoddy products, and concluded a large number of administrative and civil cases involving counterfeit and inferior drugs.

  The typical case of drug safety released this time is shocking.

For example, in the case of Niu and others producing and selling counterfeit medicines, Niu and the co-defendant Zhang produced a counterfeit nine-valent human papillomavirus vaccine by filling a syringe with physiological saline, and sold the counterfeit vaccine to the outside world. There were 9,004 9-valent vaccines, with a sales amount of more than 1.2 million yuan (RMB, the same below).

Some consumers not only cannot get the corresponding immunization effect, but also miss the best time for vaccination.

  The court sentenced the defendant Niu Moumou to 15 years in prison and a fine of 1.5 million yuan for the crime of producing and selling counterfeit medicines; sentenced the defendant Zhang Moumou to 13 years imprisonment and a fine of 1 million yuan. Yuan.

  In the case of "Gao Mou and other production and sales of counterfeit medicines", Gao Mou mixed Chinese medicinal materials and western medicine into powder in his residence without obtaining a drug production license or a drug business license, and then used "special effects". The fake drug name of Kechuanling was sold externally, with a total sales amount of more than 1.86 million yuan.

In the end, Gao was sentenced to ten years and nine months in prison and fined 3.72 million yuan.

  The court reminded consumers to go to regular medical institutions to get vaccinated.

At the same time, do not believe in false propaganda such as "ancestral secret recipes", and should purchase medicines through formal channels.

  The Supreme Law stated that the next step will guide local courts to severely punish crimes endangering drug safety, try administrative and civil cases in the field of drug safety in accordance with the law, and supervise and support drug authorities to strengthen supervision in accordance with the law.