Two school officials were attacked a few days apart in Narbonne.

On April 12, at the Montmorency school, the director called the mother of an unmanageable CM2 student, asking her to come and pick him up.

On her arrival, the mother would have physically and verbally attacked the director who was the subject of an eight-day ITT.

A few days later, at the Georges-Brassens college, events of the same nature occurred.

This time, the principal calls the mother of a child in 5th grade, to discuss inappropriate attitudes towards her female classmates.

Reproaches refuted by the child who did not accept the mother, who came to fight it out accompanied by her eldest daughter.

The principal must lock herself in her office

The two women would have forced the door of the office of the principal who was then in meeting with a social worker and the principal adviser of education.

They would have managed to repel them and lock themselves in the office with key before calling the police.

The three respondents are being prosecuted for "intentional violence against a person responsible for a public service mission within an educational establishment" in two separate cases.

They are all three placed under judicial supervision and summoned in September 2022 before the Narbonne criminal court.

For her part, the mother of the schoolboy filed a complaint for harassment on the part of the other students of the establishment, of which her son would be the victim.


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