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As the lockdown in Shanghai, China, continued for nearly a month amid the spread of Corona 19, photos showing the seriousness of the situation were released.


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This is a school-distributed lunch box exposed by students of Shanghai Tongji University under quarantine.

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On the 26th, photos were uploaded on Weibo in China, along with the hashtag 'Shanghai Tongji University Pork Sashimi', making me sick just looking at it.

The sanitary conditions of the lunch boxes distributed by Tongji students, who were locked in school dormitories as the lockdown was in place, were exposed.

Not only were they not cooked properly, but there were also pork loin, thick-haired, and even bread with an unknown insect embedded in it.

Even more shocking is the glass building in Putuo District, Shanghai, which is being used as a temporary quarantine facility.

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The beds are close together inside the 18-story building that is lit up brightly late at night, all of them are corona patients in quarantine.

In response, netizens burst into anger, saying, "Let's shoot a Hollywood sci-fi movie.", "Isn't the bed too close? It would be better to isolate at home."

(Screen source: Weibo)