It was in early April that a principal became aware that teachers would have placed cameras where students switched.

Shortly afterwards, a parents' meeting was arranged at the school concerned, where the police were also present.

Immediately after the meeting, the suspected teacher was suspended from his job.

- As a security-creating measure, we have looked for cameras at the municipality's other schools but have not found any.

The fact that we have not found cameras does not exclude that the teacher may have taken pictures of students, says Eva Martinsson.

The police are investigating

Is the teacher still suspected of having placed cameras in locker rooms if you have not found any?

- Yes, it is the teacher himself who has stated to his boss that cameras have been deployed and it is the police who are investigating the matter.

The school principal says that staff and students are still offered support.

- An event like this means that students' confidence in the adult world is shattered and we have strengthened student health.

Concerns about the spread of images

In the clip below, you hear Jenny Jänkänpää (MP), chair of the children and education committee, about Gällivare parents' concerns that pictures of the children have been spread.

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Hear what Jenny Jänkänpää (MP), chair of the children and education committee in Gällivare, says about a teacher being suspected of having set up cameras in students' changing rooms.

Photo: Hans Sternlund / SVT