China News Service, April 27th. The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference on the morning of the 27th. Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang introduced the situation of relevant local governments assisting local Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese enterprises to bail out and stabilize production.

  A reporter asked a question. Recently, the epidemic situation in Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan and other places and its impact on local Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese enterprises have attracted attention. Shanghai has recently released a list of key enterprises to resume work, and Taiwanese enterprises are among them.

Please introduce the relevant localities' assistance to local Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese enterprises to bail out and stabilize production.

  In response to this, Ma Xiaoguang said that the party committees and governments in Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan and other places, including Taiwanese offices at all levels, have taken a series of measures to actively assist Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese enterprises to bail out and stabilize production under the premise of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

  The first is to strengthen the publicity and introduction of the relief policies for enterprises, and promote the implementation of relevant policies and measures.

The Taiwan Affairs Offices of Shanghai and Suzhou released policies and measures to help enterprises promote development in a timely manner through online platforms and other means to facilitate inquiries, and to do a good job in publicity, interpretation and implementation.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai has also promoted the experience and practices of some Taiwanese enterprises to achieve efficient and precise epidemic prevention locally, so as to provide assistance for more Taiwanese enterprises to strive for "epidemic-free enterprises" and to resume work and production.

  The second is to understand and respond to the demands of Taiwanese businessmen in a timely manner to help solve the actual difficulties of Taiwanese enterprises.

The Taiwan Affairs Office and the Taiwan Association in Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan and other places improved the working mechanism in a timely manner, set up a special class to help Taiwanese enterprises and Taiwan compatriots to relieve difficulties, organize special working conferences and online exchange meetings, understand the demands of Taiwanese enterprises, and discuss work plans , to provide accurate services.

The Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office actively coordinated with local relevant departments to issue enterprise certificates, passes, etc., to solve the urgent needs of Taiwanese enterprises.

Actively assist Taiwanese enterprises to connect with financial institutions, set up service windows for Taiwanese enterprises to solve their financing needs, and accelerate the approval process.

The Kunshan Taiwan Affairs Office coordinated and helped Taiwanese companies to solve freight and other issues.

  Ma Xiaoguang said that it is understood that a few days ago, Shanghai released the first batch of "whitelists" for resuming work and production. Among them, 11 Taiwanese enterprises have arranged for closed management of production or are gradually resuming production.

Kunshan City released the first batch of 60 "epidemic-free enterprises", including 22 Taiwanese enterprises, which can apply for resumption of work and production under the premise of closed-loop management.

  It should be pointed out that the majority of Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises are actively doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and actively participating in the anti-epidemic work.

Taiwanese and Taiwanese companies in Shanghai have actively donated money and materials. As of April 20, the total amount of materials and cash donated was 10.977 million yuan.

Many Taiwan compatriots have actively participated in the epidemic prevention work by volunteering as community volunteers and other methods. Everyone united to fight the epidemic and overcome the difficulties together.

  Ma Xiaoguang said that in the next step, we will continue to work with relevant departments and localities to actively assist Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises to overcome the impact of the epidemic, resume normal production and operation as soon as possible, and work together to achieve better development.