Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 27. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs answered a reporter's question on the terrorist attack on the shuttle bus of the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi on the 27th.

  A reporter asked: According to reports, the shuttle bus of the Confucius Institute at Karachi University suffered a suicide terrorist attack. Could you please brief us on the relevant situation and the countermeasures China has taken.

  The spokesman said that on the afternoon of April 26, the shuttle bus of the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi in Pakistan suffered a suicide terrorist attack on the campus.

So far, 3 Chinese teachers have been killed, 1 Chinese teacher has been injured, and many other Palestinians have been injured or killed.

China expresses its strong condemnation and great indignation over this major terrorist attack, its deep condolences to the unfortunate victims, and its condolences to the injured and their families.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese embassies and consulates in Pakistan have activated the emergency mechanism immediately.

Wu Jianghao, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, urgently called the Pakistani ambassador to China to express his serious concerns, and asked the Pakistani side to investigate the matter immediately, arrest the perpetrators and punish them in accordance with the law, and take all-out measures to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in Pakistan. The class event happens again.

The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and the Consulate General in Karachi are working with the Pakistani side to make every effort to deal with the aftermath.

  The spokesman said that Pakistani Prime Minister Shabazz Sharif went to the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan to offer condolences on the evening of the 26th, saying that the Pakistani government would conduct an in-depth investigation into the incident, punish the perpetrators severely, and comprehensively strengthen Chinese personnel, projects and institutions in Pakistan. We will never allow any force to undermine the Pakistan-China friendship.

Relevant departments of the local governments in Sindh and Karachi have launched a comprehensive investigation and arrest of the murderers.

  The spokesperson said that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese embassy and consulates in Pakistan will continue to urge relevant departments in Pakistan to do a good job in the aftermath and the treatment of the injured, and resolutely crack down on terrorist organizations involved in the case.

The blood of the Chinese cannot be shed in vain, and the mastermind behind this incident will surely pay the price.