On-site commentary on current affairs丨Follow the footsteps of the general secretary to the campus of Renmin University of China to listen to a good lesson on morality and people

April 25, 2022

General Secretary Xi Jinping

Come to Renmin University of China for investigation and research

Renmin University of China

Renmin University of China

founded by the Chinese Communist Party

The first new formal university

Formerly 1937

Shaanbei Public School was born in the flames of the Anti-Japanese War

and later North China United University

and North China University

Known as "my country's Humanities and Social Sciences

A banner in higher education”

Smart Classroom for Ideological and Political Courses in Lide Building, Renmin University of China

One of the focuses of the general secretary of this inspection is that

Ideological and Political Course

The general secretary pointed out

"It is not easy to teach ideological and political courses well

Because this class is very demanding”

"We must run ideological and political courses with confidence"

Ideological and political class smart classroom

General Secretary on how to run ideological and political courses in the new era

Talked about six "want"

And the eight "persistence in unity"

During this inspection, the general secretary pointed out that

The essence of ideological and political courses is to be reasonable

pay attention to the way

Speak the truth thoroughly

This is what the general secretary told us again

Ideological and political courses that will have far-reaching influence

In the Century Hall of Renmin University of China

The general secretary delivered an important speech

Based on the overall strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

and the world has undergone great changes unseen in a century

Based on the new era and new journey

Full of grand historical view, grand view of era

Party-run universities reassure the party

The people's university lives up to the people

educators nationwide

Will try harder to answer

"For whom to train people

who to train

How to train people"

The fundamental problem of this education

  Producer丨Shen Yong Gong Xuehui

  Commentator丨Yang Yu

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  Reporter丨Jia Lin Wang Ce Liu Jianchang

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