Robin Erbrecht will not be in the Olympic Stadium this Thursday when Eintracht plays for the Europa League final at London club West Ham United in the evening (9 p.m.).

He did not get any of the 3,000 tickets that were allocated to Eintracht as an official contingent in the arena in the north-east of the metropolis.

Nevertheless, he decided to fly from Munich to the English capital.

"We still want to support Eintracht," he says, hoping that like-minded people will meet in a London pub on Thursday for a public viewing.

Daniel Schleidt

Coordinator of the economics department in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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But that's exactly what seems to be viewed with concern in London.

So season ticket holders of the home club were asked not to officially offer any tickets on the market - probably for fear that they would go to Frankfurt in the same way as in the game in Barcelona.

According to the official fan info published by Eintracht Frankfurt, as well as information from the host club West Ham United, Eintracht fans who have bought tickets outside the away block will not be tolerated in the stadium: they should be denied access to the block.

How exactly the folders want to do this is not yet entirely clear.

However, experiences from Eintracht’s guest appearance at Chelsea London in May 2019 show that the security staff in English stadiums is anything but squeamish: At the time, numerous Frankfurt fans were thrown out of the stadium in the neutral area before the end of the game, despite having bought regular tickets – after the celebration at the latest via the equalizing goal that Luka Jović scored for Frankfurt, who were later eliminated on penalties.

Feared riots between fan groups

It remains to be seen whether such crackdowns can also be expected at West Ham.

What is certain, however, is that far more than 3,000 Frankfurters will be in London, as Eintracht President Peter Fischer has also announced.

Conversely, there will not be as many Hessians in London as in Barcelona: there were around 35,000 Eintracht fans in the stadium and even more in the city.

Nevertheless, the anticipation in the Frankfurt delegation is great.

Fischer already announced on Hessischer Rundfunk that he would definitely celebrate with the Eintracht fans, "I won't let that take me away, no matter where we play in Europe".

The location where the Hessian supporters want to meet has not yet been decided or is being kept secret for security reasons - after all, after Eintracht's away game in Seville, when West Ham also played there the next day, there were riots between fan groups from both sides.

In any case, Fischer has already brought up an idea: “Why not in front of Buckingham Palace?

There is not much going on at the moment.” In fact, three years ago, around 5,000 Frankfurters passed the palace during the fan march through London.

Similar to the performance of the Frankfurters in Barcelona, ​​the fans in the English capital also want to present a uniform image and have issued the slogan "All in white".

Apparently, the fans don't run out of ideas for passing the time in London either: a two-hour boat trip on the Thames that fans organized was quickly fully booked.