The progress of a country is engraved with the footprints of youth; the future of a nation depends on the power of youth.

  It is often said that what the youth is like is what the future will be like.

  "Youth is the most sensitive barometer of the era. The responsibility of the era is entrusted to the youth, and the glory of the era belongs to the youth." General Secretary Xi Jinping cares about the youth and youth work.

  On the 25th, on the eve of the May 4th Youth Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Renmin University of China for investigation and research.

  The story begins with a photo in the university history exhibition.

confidant of young friends 

  Follow this old photo back to 1984.

  In July of that year, the student practice group of Renmin University of China went to Zhengding, Hebei to conduct a summer survey. Xi Jinping, then secretary of the Zhengding County Party Committee, visited the teachers and students who came to participate in social practice at the county guest house.

In about two hours of heart-to-heart exchange, he shared with everyone his experience and insights of working at the grassroots level.

  "As an administrative cadre at the grass-roots level, we must have the spirit of sacrifice, dedication and creativity" "Even if you do a small thing, you must focus on it, and do one thing into one"...

  Time flies, and the splendor continues.

A photo carries a lot of emotion; a piece of history that still reappears frequently to this day.

  The university period is an important stage for acquiring knowledge, enriching knowledge and laying a foundation. How to lay a good foundation?

"To lay the foundation, I think the knowledge needs to be expanded." At the end of 2010, the then Vice President Xi Jinping came to visit the students in the library of Chongqing Normal University. He said that those who study engineering and science also need to study humanities and social sciences Therefore, those who study literature should also master some knowledge of natural sciences, so as to be able to understand analogies and master them.

  What is a good way to learn Marxism?

"Through down-to-earth and personal practice in the grassroots years, and by doing practical things and seeking welfare for the people, I deeply realized that Marxism can not only solve many practical problems scientifically, but also a way to improve people's well-being and create an ideal society. True knowledge for one's own responsibility", in May 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping shared his personal experience at Peking University, inspiring students to learn to connect with reality, so as to achieve knowledge, integration of knowledge and action, and application of learning.

  Every little bit and every little bit of warmth burst out: when taking a group photo, I asked the photographer, "Is everyone's face showing?", repeatedly told "young people to exercise well", and the students who cared about the juvenile class left alone Going to college in my hometown, "Are my parents at ease?" I have high expectations and caring.

Enthusiasts of youth work

  The times create the youth, and the prosperous times make the youth.

  Chinese youth in the new era have a more favorable development environment and broader growth space, and can witness greatness through struggle.

  Youth lives up to the times, and youth writes glory.

  If the younger generation has ideals and responsibilities, the country will have a future, and the nation will have hope.

  Regarding youth work, General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to it and thinks deeply.

  Talking about the ideological and political work in colleges and universities - "Strengthening the leadership of the party and the construction of the party, and strengthening the construction of the ideological and political work system are the important contents of forming a high-level talent training system", "We must insist on taking morality and cultivating people as the central link", "Improving thinking Political Education Affinity and Targeting".

  Talking about the construction of first-class universities - "Our country has a unique history, unique culture, and unique national conditions, and building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics cannot follow others in the same way" "The world-class university we want to build is a society with Chinese characteristics. A leading university of ideology".

  Talking about the teaching staff - "The quality of the teaching staff directly determines the ability and level of a university to run a school", "University teachers should insist that educators should be educated first", "Be a great teacher who learns, works and is a student for students".

  Talking about the employment of college graduates - "Take effective measures to overcome the adverse impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, do everything possible to help college graduates find employment, and enthusiastically support college graduates to make contributions to the party and the people in their respective jobs."

  In April 2017, the first national-level special plan for youth in the history of the People's Republic of China, the "Mid- and Long-Term Youth Development Plan (2016-2025)", was released to provide fundamental policy guidelines for the development of Chinese youth in the new era.

  At present, the youth work mechanism from the central to the local level has basically been established, and a youth development policy system with Chinese characteristics has taken shape.

guide for young people

  Button up your clothes. If the first button is wrong, the rest of the buttons will be wrong.

  A simple common sense, but also a profound truth.

  "The buttons of life should be buttoned right from the beginning." General Secretary Xi Jinping used this metaphor to emphasize that young people are in a period of formation and establishment of values, and "it is very important to grasp the development of values ​​during this period."

  Teaching by example speaks louder than words.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly talked about "seeking hardship for oneself". On the loess in northern Shaanxi, the lush years of flea, diet, life, labor, and ideology are the best witnesses.

  "Now you have to study hard and have no distractions... You have to do things at any time, and you have to be down-to-earth in everything you do." College students who have listened to General Secretary Xi Jinping's teachings closely remember this period of "digging their hearts out". Insights on life.

  Be down-to-earth, work hard, and achieve a career in real work.

  "I hope that the majority of college graduates across the country will be lofty and down-to-earth, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, bravely shoulder the mission of the times, integrate personal ideals and pursuits into the cause of the party and the country, and make more contributions to the party, the motherland, and the people."

  From self-discipline to practical learning, from responsibility to ideals and beliefs... General Secretary Xi Jinping carefully educates young people and guides them to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values ​​during the "joint booting period".

  A generation has a long march for a generation, and a generation has the responsibility of a generation.

  "You young people, in a great era, with such a great goal, you are born at the right time, fight for it! It's up to you!"

  Coordinator: Cui Shixin

  Written by: Lin Xiaoxi

  Curated by: Du Shanze

  Image source: Xinhua News Agency (Photos: Xie Huanchi, Yan Yan, Visual: Lai Xiangdong, Zhao Dingzhe)