[Explanation] A small shop with gray walls and white windows of about five square meters. The window sills extend outward, with a few high stools, a few pots of small green plants, and artistic stickers and ornaments... Wu Jiacheng from Taiwan The first corner coffee shop opened in Changsha, Hunan, attracted many citizens and tourists to "check in" with its "look" and affordable prices.

  Wu Jiacheng, who is over fifty years old, is the son-in-law of Hunan and has been doing business in Vietnam all the year round, mainly engaged in coffee cultivation.

In June 2020, after returning to Hunan with his wife and children from Vietnam to visit relatives, he stayed in Hunan for development due to the epidemic and other reasons, and started his beloved coffee business.

  Wu Jiacheng admitted that he was not familiar with Changsha before opening the store, so he did not dare to open a store rashly.

He rode a bicycle through the streets and alleys to "investigate the market", and while fully feeling the charm of Changsha city, he also gained the first batch of tourists.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jiacheng, founder of Three Cup Coffee

  There are many things that impress me.

Because the time I sell is not fixed, because I ride a bicycle, and it is quite interesting that the customer will come to buy every day, and then ask me, what time is it, and what time is it where it is.

  [Explanation] Wu Jiacheng introduced that three months later, he chose to open his first store in the historical and cultural district of Chaozong Street, which is full of history.

He said that the blocks that have undergone organic urban renewal retain the city's own charm and historical traces, and the shops only need a little decoration to have a good taste.

Moreover, there is a shopping mall across the old street and several high-rise office buildings. The target source of customers is very clear.

  This simple and warm corner shop has attracted many young men and women, either with mobile phones or cameras, to take pictures, or order a cup of coffee and sit on a high stool to spend the day leisurely. Sometimes they are too busy. The family is exhausted.

After chatting with customers, he found that most people swipe to the coffee shop from social platforms. After coming to experience, they will share their photos and feelings. Repeatedly, the flow of people is increasing.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jiacheng, founder of Three Cup Coffee

  Changsha is very friendly to new stores, because there are these people who visit the store, and he thinks that after he approves your coffee, he will share it and share it on the (social) platform, and then there will be more people. Come over when you see this (social) platform.

Like our store, it took about four and a half months to make a return.

  [Explanation] Wu Jiacheng said that if entrepreneurs who open stores in the mainland can make good use of these social platforms, they don't have to worry too much about the initial customer source and popularity of the store.

The relevant data also supports his claim.

The "2020 China "Social Retailing" White Paper shows that with the vigorous development of the social age, the penetration rate of China's social retail has reached 71%, 69% of consumers have shared their online shopping links on social media, 56% of women Influenced by social media to generate interest.

  The rapid development of the new economy and new business formats in the mainland has also prompted Wu Jiacheng to "advance with the times". He not only began to seriously consider social platforms, but also started the takeaway business, which was originally abandoned because he was worried about affecting the taste of coffee.

He said that when the wave of the sand epidemic occurred in March, it had little impact on coffee shops, with fewer people offline and still selling online.

  Last year, Wu Jiacheng and his collaborators established a coffee company, and operated a number of "small but refined" corner-style coffee shops in Changsha, trying to do cross-border integration of coffee and cultural creativity.

He said that he has fully integrated into Changsha and will place his business center here in the future.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jiacheng, founder of Three Cup Coffee

  I will definitely settle here, because after all, it is still our motherland.

Moreover, at present, we have opened seven stores in Changsha, so we want to use this track to find a business of our own.

Future plans I want the whole city to be a Three Cup Cafe.

  Reporter Deng Xia Guan Ziwen Zhang Xueying reports from Changsha

Responsible editor: [Liu Pai]