An explosion at a university in Karachi, a city in southern Pakistan, killed four people, including three Chinese.

In Pakistan, as economic relations with China deepen, terrorist attacks targeting Chinese people are occurring one after another, and police are proceeding with an investigation.

An explosion occurred at a university in Karachi on the afternoon of the 26th, killing three Chinese and one Pakistani, and injuring two, according to police.

Some of the people who died included people from the Confucius Institute, which teaches Chinese, etc., on the campus of the university. According to local media, the car on which the people were riding headed for the Confucius Institute building. It is said that the woman who was standing by the side of the road exploded the bomb she wore.

After the explosion, an armed group seeking separatism in Balochistan in southwestern Pakistan issued a statement admitting the crime.

In Pakistan, large-scale development related to China's "One Belt, One Road" giant economic zone initiative is underway, but terrorism by armed groups that oppose China continued, and there was an explosion in the northwest in July last year. , Nine Chinese have died.

After the explosion, Pakistan's Prime Minister Sharif stated on SNS that "the criminal will definitely be tried" and announced a policy to thoroughly investigate, and police are proceeding with the investigation.