China News Agency, Beijing, April 26. Islamabad news: According to Pakistani media and the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, on the afternoon of the 26th local time, the shuttle bus of the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi in Pakistan was hit by a terrorist attack. Four people were killed and two were injured. Among the victims were three Chinese teachers.

  According to Pakistani media reports, an explosion occurred in the southern city of Karachi on the afternoon of the 26th local time, killing at least 4 people and injuring 2 others.

The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan confirmed later that day that at about 14:20 that day, the shuttle bus of the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi suffered a terrorist attack on the campus.

Three Chinese teachers have been killed and one Chinese teacher injured.

  According to AFP and other reports, a female suicide bomber detonated the car.

The news has not been officially confirmed by Pakistan.

  Pakistan's "Dawn" reported that the "Baluchi Liberation Army" has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The "Baluchi Liberation Army" often conducts terrorist attacks against security forces and civilians in Pakistan.

The Pakistani government announced its ban on the organization in 2006.

  Pakistan's foreign ministry issued a statement on the same day, strongly condemning the terrorist attack.

The statement said the attack killed innocent people, including Chinese nationals working at the Confucius Institute.

The Government and people of Pakistan express their deepest condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims.

  Pakistani Prime Minister Shabazz Sharif issued a strongly worded statement of condemnation on the same day and said that the matter would be thoroughly investigated.

"I am deeply saddened by the loss of precious lives of our Chinese friends in the heinous terrorist attack in Karachi today. I strongly condemn this cowardly attack," the statement said.

  In a statement, Shabazz Sharif extended his "deepest condolences" to the families of the victims and the Chinese government and people, saying that he would provide all possible assistance to the injured.

He also said that he had instructed to investigate the matter thoroughly and bring the perpetrators to justice.

  The statement also pointed out that Pakistan condemns terrorism in all its forms and that "the evil intentions of the enemy will neither weaken the iron-like friendship between Pakistan and China, nor affect our cooperation."

  According to local media reports, Shabazz Sharif arrived at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan on the evening of the 26th to pay tribute.