The opposition in Hedemora received a re-referral on the majority's proposal.

The Moderates, the Green Party, the Municipal List, the Liberals and the Sweden Democrats went on the line that further investigation of the proposal is required.

- All opposition parties were on our line, and can see that we must have a better economic basis, says opposition councilor Lennart Mångs (M) after the meeting on Tuesday evening.

"Cheap now becomes expensive in the long run"

The majority's proposal is to build a completely new swimming pool next to the current one, instead of renovating the current one for a sum of around SEK 250 million, while the Opposition Council instead emphasizes that it needs to investigate what it would cost to build a completely new pool in it. existing swimming pool.

- I wonder how much you should be able to investigate.

I know what it looks like, how risky it is.

Extensive work needs to be done.

To be able to do the investigation that the opposition expects, you almost need to demolish the existing swimming pool, says municipal councilor Göran Hoffman (S), who believes that what may seem cheaper now will be more expensive in the long run.

- You do things that are cheap at the moment, but then it becomes more expensive to repair than to do the right thing from the beginning, he says.

"Surprised to pursue the issue without better evidence"

But the opposition council believes that argument does not hold.

- Then you have to produce figures that it would be more expensive.

I am surprised that this issue is being pushed up in the council without a better financial basis.

It is an investment that would affect the residents of Hedemora for many years, says Lennart Mångs (M) and continues:

- Now it remains for the majority to investigate the points we have re-referred.