Regarding the agreement document with the Nippon Ishin no Kai over the summer Upper House election, Democratic Party for the People's Representative Tamaki expressed his intention to prepare a new document, saying that it is not official of the party.

The Democratic Party for the People decided to cooperate with the Nippon Ishin no Kai in the Kyoto and Shizuoka constituencies in the summer Upper House election, and signed an agreement stating that "a change of government will be realized." There was no such thing as "there was no such thing", so we are requesting the Nippon Ishin no Kai to renegotiate.

At a press conference, Mr. Tamaki said, "The agreement document is not an official document of the party. We are instructing to make a new official document, and the secretary-general will discuss it. We will discuss it. "

In addition, he said that he was careful about acting representative Maehara who signed the agreement, and said, "I apologized from him, but this is not the end of the story, and I want to make sure that there are no omissions in the internal procedures of the party."

On the other hand, in connection with this agreement, Secretary-general Haruha said last week that "we are in the position of'anti-Liberal Democratic and non-communist'", "It is a policy-oriented cooperation beyond the ruling and opposition parties. It is the party's policy. The framework for discussions with the ruling party over measures to counter the soaring price of crude oil will not change. "